VigRX Plus 1 Month Results


Prescription medication has always been the last resort of men to improve their sexual health. Based on what you’re looking for, they can get pricey with results that vary. In addition, it can be unpredictable. Sometimes, they offer lackluster benefits, but there are occasions where the identical prescription may work too well. What’s more, it can have some serious side effects.

To avoid these side effects, you can opt for natural supplements like the VigRX plus. You can get a better sex life, enhanced libido, and an energy level boost at an affordable price. It is safer too, so you won’t have to worry as much.

We will take a look to understand what VigRX Plus is all about in this guide.


If you prefer something more visual, then you can watch this video by Supplement Police on YouTube. After watching, you’ll want to read the rest of the article for a more wholistic review on what VigRX can do.

What’s VigRX Plus? VigRX Plus 1 Month Results

VigRX Plus is an all-natural male enhancement supplement. It’s designed to improve men’s sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction at the same time. This dietary supplement may increase libido and increase the blood flow of the genitals for erections that last longer.

It can also increase men’s sexual drive and orgasm. Moreover, it can also improve sperm production.

The producer, Leading Edge Health, is a Canadian supplement company that has been in the industry for more than 20 years.  They specialize in beauty, lifestyle, and health supplements that source, formulates, and tests their products.

The formula for VigRX Plus took over 10 years of clinical research. They tested it on men from ages 20 to 65. The scientists interviewed those participants that didn’t see any improvement. They found that the majority of them hadn’t followed the directions or were not properly taking care of their health through proper diet and exercise.

Since it is all-natural, there’s less stress on the long-term side effects. It has BioPerine, an ingredient that speeds up absorption into the body, one reason why it works so well.

What are the advantages?

VigRX Plus has 4 major benefits. Let us take a look at every one of them.

Increases sperm production

Among the benefits of using VigRX Plus is it may help those with reproductive issues. It does this by increasing the quantity of ejaculated sperm up to 2 to 3 days. Apart from that, it also increases the live spermatozoa.

After undergoing the treatment for 12 months, the sperm quality may also improve. This can help increase your chances, especially for those who’ve had problems conceiving a child.

Treats erectile dysfunction

The most known benefit of using VigRX Plus is that it can treat premature ejaculation and weak erections. Many products that offer treatment have effects that can only last for a while.

With the 12-month treatment, the effects can last longer. Even though some men still employed enhancers, using this supplement lessened their need to rely on those products.

Boosts libido

As guys continually take the prescribed dosage of treatment for 1 year, the increase in testosterone production contributes to a boost in libido. The ingredients are also full of aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers. These also improve function and health. VigRX Plus 1 Month Results

Reduces stress

Together with treating erectile dysfunction and reproductive disorders, this supplement also normalizes the nervous system’s functioning. It can improve immunity against stress and anxiety.

VigRX Plus 1 Month Results

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How does this work?

Follow the instructions found on the tag. 1 month of supply contains 60 pills. Every day, 2 pills should be ingested. It’s best to take it when your stomach is full.

VigRX treats erectile dysfunction by increasing the nitric oxide levels in the body. Don’t be intimidated by the name. The supplement only uses all-natural ingredients, as stated before.

Nitric Oxide is a naturally-produced molecule within the body. The blood vessels relax as the nitric level oxides increase in your body. This, then, causes the blood vessels to expand and increase blood circulation.

The increase in blood flow can also lower your blood pressure.

The formula also has aphrodisiacs that enhance libido. The components improve sperm quality, which helps to imrpove reproductive health. Given that, make certain that you exercise regularly and eat a balanced meal.

Is it safe to use?

VigRX Plus is an all-natural supplement. It’s safe to be used by men that are above 21 years old. As mentioned before, if you are taking prescriptions or going through treatment, ask advice from your physician first, just to be sure nothing will go wrong. Be sure to ask your doctor, too, if you might have an allergic reaction when using this product.

The prescribed dosage is only 2 pills a day for 12 months . Going beyond this is not recommended.

If overdosed, you might experience dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. VigRX Plus 1 Month Results

Are there any side effects?

Since VigRX Plus is formulated using natural ingredients, there aren’t any side effects. Compared to pills like Viagra, Cialis, or even Levitra, VigRX Plus does not endanger the organs and the body with synthetic components that may wind up badly in the long run.

Provided that you follow the directions, the supplement is safe to use. It doesn’t conceal the disorder with short-term artificial boosts. Instead, it boosts the function and also as your body’s vitality. Furthermore, it uses safe ingredients to remove the problem.

How much does it cost and where can I purchase it?

To get the best results, it’s advised that the treatment should be performed for 12 months, even if results show up as early as 1 month. After the year-long treatment, you should have the ability to appreciate its effects for 1-2 decades.

If you are buying, there are many different payment options, depending on how frequently you would like it to be delivered and how much you would like to cover in the given period. Here are the prices of the various payment schemes.

12 month supply – $590

6 month supply – $329

3 month supply – $179

2 month supply – $129

1 month supply – $69

Buying the 12 month supply in one payment is less expensive than buying it each month. You can save up to $238 if you are ordering a supply that is great for the whole treatment. This may also help you avoid buying too much and moving beyond the prescribed treatment period.

you’re entitled to a money-back guarantee if you don’t see results within 60 days. You may return up to 2 empty boxes to get your refund. This is an excellent way to know if this treatment is for you without wasting money. Additionally, make certain to buy directly from their site.


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The Final Verdict

VigRX can help anybody with erectile dysfunction, reproductive health problems, or even men that are searching for ways to boost their libido and stamina. It helps increase testosterone levels and the nitric oxide in your body so that your blood circulates well.

Their benefits will last longer than other procedures, even if the results don’t appear immediately. Over the long run, it will help improve your stamina, blood flow, and even sperm count.

The benefits of using VigRX can be reaped even after completing the treatment for a couple of years. But what’s great about this product is that its ingredients are all-natural. There are no artificial ingredients involved, and it’s cheaper in comparison to prescription drugs. Plus, you won’t be worrying about the side effects also.

But do bear in mind that even if the ingredients are all-natural, it may not work well if you are taking prescription medication or any kind of medical treatment. It’s never too safe to speak with a doctor first before trying this.

FAQ VigRX Plus 1 Month Results

Will VigRX work for men above 65 years old?

If you’re above 65, it’s suggested that you consult a doctor first.

How long can I wait before I see the effects?

According to the manufacturer, it will take from 30 to 60 days before the supplement builds up in your body to boost your libido and increase circulation. However, results can differ for every person, and it’ll also depend on your body’s reaction and your way of life.

In their clinical trials, some men experienced improvement after two weeks of continuous treatment, while for others, it took as long as 2 months.

What happens after I complete the 12-month treatment?

After the 12-month continuous treatment, you’ll have to fully stop taking the pills. Don’t be worried about the effects, though, since even if you’ve already stopped taking VigRX after 1 year, you will be able to experience its benefits from 1 to 2 years.

Do they provide Discreet Shipping?

Absolutely! Orders from the site are processed and shipped in two days. If you decide to have it discreetly shipped to you, the packages are unmarked. There won’t be any labels to indicate what’s inside.

When is the best time to take the supplement?

You may take the 2 prescribed daily pills any time of the day but be sure never to take it on an empty stomach. Develop a routine so you won’t miss taking the pills. For instance, you can take 1 pill in the morning after breakfast and the other after dinner.


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