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NOW® Brand Information

A little about NOW® Brand Vitamins

+ Purchase raw materials in bulk
    for manufacturing cost savings
+ Use only cost effective marketing
+ Sell only to heath food stores
+ Are a certified NNFA GMO Supplier
+ Have fully disclosed all excipients for over     20 YEARS!
+ Offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
+ Label every product honestly and     accurately
+ Were the first to list the elemental     potencies of Glucosmine and
    Potassium Sulfate
They do not:

- use costly television and radio advertising

- employ an outside sales force

- Sell to individuals, supermarkets, home based businesses, or or any mass market businesses.

            + Pass along these savings to you!!!
NOW® Company purpose and core values.

Our mission: "to provide value in our products that empower people to live healthier lives."
This mission has been at the core of our company since the beginning of NOW® foods in 1968.

Every organization has a system of core values that tend to dominate the culture of the Company and,
over time, they tend to define the company. These values are important because they represent the
character and culture of our company. They also provide guidelines for how we will conduct our
business and carry out our mission.

Here's a summary of our core values:
1: Customer Driven -- we believe that the customer should be No. 1 and that what is important
to the customer should be of utmost important to us. Therefore, our products, services, and all the
decisions that we make daily should be largely influenced by the desires and needs of our customers.

2: Value Oriented -- this simply means that we will always endeavor to produce the highest quality
products at the lowest possible price to the consumer. We believe that this is the in the best interest
of our customers and we also believe that it is an ethical and responsible way of doing business.

3: Work Ethic/Productivity -- a strong work ethic supports our mission of providing value to our
customers. In order to be a value oriented company, we must be productive and efficient in
everything we do. We also believe that productive people are happier and healthier.

4: People Oriented -- we respect and support people over profits. Therefore, we will endeavor
to achieve a safe and friendly working environment where people can work free of harassment
and discrimination.

5: The Golden Rule -- this was stated and modeled by Jesus Christ: "Do Unto Others As You Would
Have Them Do Unto You." The statement embraces the philosophy that can dramatically improve
human relationships. The application of this principle toward daily decisions can dramatically change
the way we view and interact with our customers, suppliers, and fellow workers.

6: Honesty And Integrity -- honesty is extremely important to working relationships and
success of our company. Without truthful and honest information, much trust, time and effort can be lost
in searching for the truth. An environment of trust in people who work together can only be achieved
through honesty. Therefore, we encourage open honest communication.

7: Commitment To Employees -- we're pleased that we have provided many new employment
opportunities have never been forced to terminate or lay off anyone do to lack of work.

Any successful business requires a high degree of teamwork. Teamwork is most effective when
the team members share common purpose and core values. By sharing and embracing our core values,
we will bring a higher sense of purpose and unity to our efforts.

We realize that these values may sound idealistic and perhaps you may not see areas of our company
where they have weakened overtime. We are not and never will be a perfect company.
However we do have a commitment to our core values and we will work hard to revive them.
We will also work hard to show our customers our purpose and values for each and every quality product

we produce. ----------------- When applicable, NOW® labels include legal, structure function statements to help explain products. New inner lids contain easy pulltabs for convenience. Every NOW® product is labeled accurately and honestly. We provide complete label information and we were the first to list elemental potencies of Glucosamine
and Potassium Sulfate. Now supplements contain desiccant packets and or agelessTM oxygen scavenging packets. We were the first in our trade to use these antioxidants years ahead of our competitors. Now is a certified NNFA GMP supplier with an "A" rating. Our logo will appear on labels to assure consumers of our quality. Every NOW® product has full disclosure of the excipients. We've provided full disclosure on our tablets for over 20 years. Since 1968 NOW® has helped build sales in independent health food stores. Our wide variety of products, includes powdered vitamins and minerals, herbal extracts, empty gelatin capsules, unique foods, certified organic products, non -- genetically engineered products, stevia, essential oils, and much more. Still family owned and operated. We make quality affordable.